"Silver Bells"
XI International Sacred Music Festival "Silver Bells"

XI International Sacred Music Festival "Silver Bells"
9 to 11 January 2015, Daugavpils (Latvia)

Participants of Festival:

- Reiner Big Band (Denmark)
- choir from Olbia (Italia)
- Daugavpils Chamber orchestra (Latvija)
- choir „Daugava” (Latvija)
- choir „Forte” (Latvija)
- choir „Rūta” (Latvija)
- choir „Malinovij zvon” (Latvija)
- Jeļena Borele (Latvija)
- Emīla Dārziņa jauktais koris (Latvija)
- LR Zemessardzes koris „Stars” (Latvija)

Participants of contest:

- Family singers (Ungaria)
- Bulgarian Orthodox Choir Berlin (German)
- Cantores cantant (Czech Republic)
- Bel suono (Poland)
- Maneo (Estonia)
- Viljandimaa kammerkoor (Estonia)
- KaMu-choir (Finland)
- KaMu-ensemble (Finland)
- Rauhattomat (Finland)
- Минские зори (Belarus)
- Syabryna (Belarus)
- Фэст (Belarus)
- Amatus (Lietuva)
- Varpelis (Lietuva)
- Kivi (Lietuva)
- Kivi Junior (Lietuva)
- Con brio (Lietuva)
- Female choir of Saint-Petersburg diocese (Russia)
- Martakkord (Russia)
- A piena voce (Russia)
- Диез (Russia)
- Classic (Russia)
- Старший концертный хор Великого Новгорода (Russia)
- Камерный молодежный хор Великого Новгорода (Russia)
- Voce di riici (Russia)
- Ogres KC jauniešu koris (Latvija)
- Cantabile (Kandava, Latvija)
- Cantabile (Ventspils, Latvija)
- Bērnu klīniskās universitātes slimnīcas jauktais koris (Latvija)
- SolLaRe (Latvija)
- Akcents (Latvija)
- SPK koris (Latvija)
- Laiksne (Latvija)
- Gulbenes MS koris (Latvija)
- Pārdaugavas MMS koris Sono (Latvija)
- Ludzas MS koris (Latvija)
- Resono (Latvija)
- Teiksma-Līga (Latvija)
- Domino (Latvija)
- Mārupe (Latvija)
- Tumes jauktais koris (Latvija)
- Anima (Latvija)
- Atvars (Latvija)
- Dziesmuvara (Latvija)
- Vēja balss (Latvija)
- Sonore (Latvija)
- Mikauši (Latvija)
- Solo (Latvija)
- Rotiņa (Latvija)
- Pusnakts stundā (Latvija)
- Randevu (Latvija)
- Vox animae (Latvija)
- Mītava (Latvija)
- Rīgas kamerkoris (Latvija)
- Daugavpils Gospel koris (Latvija)
- DMS ansamblis (Latvija)
- Ilios (Latvija)
- Daugavpils 3. vdsk. koris (Latvija)
- Nojauta (Latvija)
- DMV ansamblis (Latvija)
- DMV koris (Latvija)

1. Organizer is Daugavpils City Council, Department of culture in co-operation with the Centre of Latvian Culture. Festival takes place once in every two years.

2. .Participants of the Festival - Children`s, Male, Female, Mixed Choirs, Vocal Ensembles and soloists. During the Festival there will be concerts and events in Daugavpils churches and halls.

3. Music Competition. During the Festival a competition of choirs and ensembles is held in the following categories:

A: Children choirs (all singers up to 15 years of age, 20-50 participants)
B: Youth choirs (up to 25 years of age, 20-50 participants)
C: Adult choirs of Equal Voices (20-50 participants)
D: Mixed choirs (25-50 participants)
E: Vocal groups (3-8 participants)
F: Children vocal ensembles (all singers up to 15 years of age, 6-15 participants)
G: Adult vocal ensembles (6-12 participants)
H: Chamber choirs (13-30 participants)
I: Orthodox and Old Believer religious music (3-50 participants)
J: Catholic and Protestant religious music (3-50 participants)
K: Contemporary sacred music (all works from the period of 1970 and later, 3-50 participants)
L: Spiritual, gospel, jazz & pop (3-50 participants)

3.1. Rules of the Competition.
The program must include 3 compositions:

  • in the categories I, J, K should be only sacred music compositions;
  • in others categories should be 2 sacred music compositions and one free composition of choice.

  • The time of the performance in the categories B, C, D: 10-14 min
    The time of performance in the others categories: 7-12 min
    At least one piece must be performed a capella.

    Choirs can perform in several categories, provided the registration fee in each category is paid.
    In the Grand Prix competition the choirs perform one sacred music composition, max 10 min long.
    5 scores of the all performed compositions should be presented after arrival.

    3.2. Scoring System and Awards.
    The performance will be evaluated by an international Jury using the system of 100 points according to the following criteria:
  • technical merit (selection and the difficulty of the program, intonation, ensemble, rhythm)
  • artistic interpretation (fidelity of style, handling of text, emotion, vocal culture).

  • The verdict of the Jury will be final.
    Each participant will receive a Diploma of Participation.

    III degree Diploma will be awarded to the collectives having 65-74.99 points.

    II degree Diploma will be awarded to the collectives having 75-84.99 points and more.

    I degree Diploma will be awarded to the collectives having 85 points and more.

    The winners of categories and also collectives having 90 points and more will participate in the Grand Prix competition.

    The best collectives of the Grand Prix competition will be awarded the following money prizes:
    Grand Prix - 2000.00 EUR
    1st place Prize - 750.00 EUR
    2nd place Prize - 550.00 EUR
    3rd place Prize - 450.00 EUR
    Prize for the best children's collective - 350.00 EUR

    Collectives are also eligible for the following Special prizes:

  • The Prize of the Daugavpils Music College - for the performance of the composition written by Latvian composer;
  • The Prize of the Daugavpils University Faculty of Art - for the most interesting programme;
  • The Prize of the Daugavpils Centre of Latvian Culture - for the performance of the latvian folk song;
  • The Prize of the Daugavpils Centre of Russian Culture - for the best sacred music performance;
  • The Prize of the Daugavpils Centre of Polish Culture - to the most expressive choir;
  • The Prize of the Daugavpils Centre of Belorussian Culture - for the best performance of a contemporary work;
  • The Prize of the Daugavpils Lithuanian society "Rasa" - for the best performance of the national composer
  • The Prize of the Daugavpils Association of teachers of music - for the high teaching skills;
  • The Prize of the Latvian Association of choir conductor - for the most expressive conductor

  • 4. The program:
    09.01. - Concerts, the Opening Concert of the Festival (at 19:00);
    10.01.- Concerts, competition of choirs and ensembles, party for the participants;
    11.01. - Concerts, competition of choirs and ensembles, the Closing Concert of the Festival (at 15:00).

    5. Accreditation.
    All expenses connected to the participation in the Festival are paid by the participants. The organizers will try to find reasonable conditions of stay for every participant and will help with finding a residence and dining facilities:

  • hostel accommodation - 7-10 EUR per person per night,
  • hotel accommodation - from 16 EUR per person per night,
  • food - 7-10 EUR per person per day.

  • Festival organizers can book a bus transfer to Daugavpils from the airport of Riga, Vilnius and Kaunas.
    All rights of photographs and audio-, video- recordings produced during the Festival are reserved to the organizers.
    A non-refundable registration fee - 150.- Eur.

    Participants have to hand in the following materials until October 1, 2014:

  • Application Form,
  • a short summary of previous creative activity,
  • photo of the participants.

  • The participants shall be announces by October 21, 2014
    The participation fee must be paid by November 1, 2014

    Details of registration fee deposit:
    Name: Daugavpils pilsetas domes norekinu centrs, K.Valdemara iela 1
    Registration number: 90000077325
    Account: A/S Swedbanka, kods HABALV22
    Konts LV69HABA0001402041250
    Subkonts 20000000000

    Contact us:
    "Silver Bells 2015"
    Daugavpils pilsetas domes Kulturas parvalde
    Kr. Valdemara - 13.
    Daugavpils, LV - 5401

    fax: +(371)65476797
    tel.: +(371)65423601
    mob.: +(371)29538278

    About 2500 singers from different nations took part in the last Festival,
    You are warmly invited to join our next Festival!

    Карта Даугавпилса.

    Silver Bells

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